Even though the area is classed as arid to semi-arid, we still have a wide variety of plants and animals that call this region their home.   This is in spite of the harsh environmental conditions of the region. With over 400 recorded plant species, the Naukluft Mountains are one of the most species-rich areas, with a high number of endemics, in Namibia. Namibia actually has about 16% of its plant species that are endemic to the country, and you will find many of those in the Naukluft Mountains. If trees and bushes pique your interest, then have a look at this list of common trees of the area.

If wild animals are more to your liking, have a look at commonly sighted animals of the region here.  The Naukluft Mountains are home to a diverse array of wildlife, including Hartmann's mountain zebra, the klipspringer, and the rock hyrax.  On our farm you can expect to see oryx, kudu, springbuck, duiker, steenbok, warthog, mountain zebra, jackal, or brown hyena.  

But what really makes our farm special are the birds you can see here. Due to our unique location, with the protected valley and numerous springs, we have a wide variety of birds on the farm. If you are a bird watcher, the farm is for you!  Some of the notable bird species found in the area include the Verreaux's eagle, Ludwig's bustard, and Rüppell's parrot. Click here for the list of commonly-sighted birds in the area.